Anthropologie’s Striped Floral Tunic Nails

It’s snowing. Just kidding, it’s sunny. Wait, now it’s pouring. Oh no, on to snaining. Hang on…nope, nevermind, still snaining.

Welcome to Canada. Two days ago, I was wearing my winter puffer coat, bitterly cursing the wind. Yesterday, my apartment hit 29 degrees as the sun refused to stop glaring through the windows.  Plus, of course the building’s heat was on full blast.

Guys, I can’t keep up with this. Being in journalism has already added enough uncertainty to my life (oh the struggle of flaky sources). Is having consistent weather too much to ask? Apparently so. Global warming, am I right?

So in the spirit of not actually knowing what season I’ll be greeted with upon walking outside every morning (read: most mornings…girl’s gotta sleep in every once in a while), here’s a seasonally inappropriate nail design:


Technically, it’s inspired by an old Anthropologie tunic (that I’ve since donated, so here’s a Poshmark photo instead…):

Mind you, my bestie also said it looks uncannily like Sephora’s Valentine’s gift bag…and she’s not wrong. In any case, it’s colourful and bright and cheery and uplifting — all welcome additions to these overly dark times. (I mean that literally. The sun now sets at like 4pm. It’s depressing.)

The polishes:

  • Essie’s mod square
  • Essie’s double breasted jacket
  • Essie’s cute as a button
  • Essie’s clambake
  • Essie’s vanity fairest
  • Essie’s blanc
  • Essie’s licorice

Hopefully that brightened your day just a smidgen. Now if only the weather would mellow out and inject some form of predictability into our lives as well…

’til next time,

Meg ❤


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