Mean Girls Nails à la Cady Heron

“On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was.”

“It’s October 3rd.”

And from that simple exchange, Mean Girls Day was born.  The epitome of satire, I daresay the comedy has become a cinematic classic.  Its brilliance is endless, crossing generations and genres, tackling just about every social issue known to (wo)man in the wittiest of ways.  It taught us the rather useless terms “fetch”, “grool”, and “fugly”.  It gave us a mile-long list of one-liners to quote with our friends:

“On Wednesdays, we wear pink.”

“You go, Glen Coco!”

“She doesn’t even go here!”

“Boo, you whore!”

“I’m a mouse, duh!”

(…I’ll stop before I inevitably end up transcribing the entire script.)

It introduced us to the lovely Amanda Seyfried, and it showed us that Rachel McAdams is indeed an absolute talent that can pull off any character and every freaking hair colour.

In short, it’s a bloody ingenious piece of work that Ry and I (and the vast majority of the world) adore.  So, in honour of Mean Girls Day, I give you the (possibly out of order, sorry) evolution of Cady Heron.

The polishes:

  • Pure, Innocent Cady “all the way from Africa”: Joe Fresh‘s Moss, Essie’s sand tropez
  • The Burn Book Cady: Essie‘s mod square, Essie‘s double breasted jacket (and blue ballpoint pen)
  • Jingle Bell Rock Cady: Essie‘s double breasted jacket, L’Oreal‘s Blanc de Lune, Sally Hansen‘s fine black nail art pen
  • Plastic Party Cady: Zoya‘s Gie Gie, Sally Hansen‘s Black Out
  • Mathletes’ Letterman Jacket Cady: Covergirl‘s Glossy Days in #GetGlowing, Sally Hansen‘s Indigo

Fetch or fugly? Okay, I’ll stop.


’til next time,

Meg ❤


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