Happy 150th, Canada!

“What are you?”

A human being. “Canadian.”

“But what are you really?”

Here we go again… “Canadian…”

“No, like where are your parents from?”

Yep, saw that one coming. “China.”

“Oh, so you’re Chinese!”

“Sure, technically speaking, but I’m also Canadian.”

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to mentally eye-roll my way through that conversation.   I will say that I rarely have to go through that little dance of demoralizing questions when I’m at home; it’s more so reserved for my time abroad.  And when people are curious about my heritage here, they usually ask me about my background or ancestry.  But just to clarify, yes, I am of Chinese descent, but I was born in Canada, raised in Canada, and live in Canada.

I speak English and French, and say “eh” all too often.

I like that I get to experience four seasons every year (theoretically…).  I like how a gathering of my friends resembles a UN assembly.

I appreciate the solidarity that our country feels when one utters the word “hockey”.  I appreciate the incessant politesse and gratitude of my fellow Canadians.

I live in Roots sweats and socks.

I live for poutine.

I love Tim Hortons (dark roast and iced capps).  I love beaver tails, ketchup chips, and Coffee Crisps (food priorities, people).

All of that to say I am Canadian, and extremely proud to be (cue Molson’s jingle).

The polishes: Revlon’s Fire (510), Sally Hansen’s White On (139)

So, Canada, happy 150th!  This ridiculous nail design is for you.  Thank you for all that you have offered me and my family, which includes, but is certainly not limited to the list above.  You may be young, but you’ve made one heck of a mark on this world.  Here’s to many more years to come!

The technique: freehand everything with a tiny brush and proceed to go blind for several minutes after (NTS: never freehand a maple leaf ever again. Like ever.)

And to my fellow Canadians: happy Canada Day!  Hopefully you all enjoyed a long weekend full of fireworks and festivities.  May the maple syrup flow freely through your veins.

’til next time,

Meg ❤



  1. I can so relate to this!
    Except that I was born outside of Canada but adopted. So I’m Chinese looking but my adoptive parents were born here. I’m “white-washed” as they say… 🙄

    I’m very proud to be Canadian too!
    Awesome mani – especially the Toronto skyline! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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