Nail Diaries: Mac Med Convocation

  • WARNING: This post contains sappy content.  Steel yourself, control your gag reflex, grab a paper bag, or feel free to stop reading and just skip ahead to the nail photos.  You have been warned.

When I was four years old, if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was:  “A doctor.  So that I can take care of Mama and Baba when they get sick.”  When I was seven, I learned the term “general practitioner”, and I thought it sounded cool, so my answer became:  “I’m going to be a GP.  Do you know what that stands for?” (clearly, I was somewhat of a precocious child).  Over the years, I explored various career options; I flirted with journalism, I had a bit of an affair with research during my undergraduate years, and I even toyed with teaching.  Yet I could never quite break up with the dream of becoming a doctor.

If you’ve been following our blog for a while (or if you actually know us), then you’ll know that this dream of mine became slightly more attainable when I started medical school at McMaster University three years ago.  And can I just say:  holy guacamole!  The past three years have flown by.

A couple of weeks ago–and it still feels surreal to say it–my lifelong dream of becoming a doctor became a reality as I convoked with my class.  I took the Hippocratic Oath, walked across a stage, and received a very pretty (not to mention incredibly expensive) piece of paper with my name on it.  And now I can say that I am, officially, Dr. Ryann Kwan, M.D.



But what about the nails, you ask?  Well, for convocation, I opted for a classy (read: boring) simple red manicure.  And while I stand by that decision (it did match quite nicely with our red hoods), it makes for a pretty lackluster nail blog post.

Not to worry, my friends.  Given that this convocation marked not only the end of my “Don’t quote me on that.  I’m just a medical student” excuse, but also the end of my days as a McMaster Marauder, I decided to create a nail look in honour of my new alma mater.  Which is also my Dad’s alma mater.  Like father, like daughter, right?


Speaking of my Dad (WARNING: SAP DIRECTLY AHEAD), I don’t think I could finish this post without mentioning how grateful I am to have had such an amazing family to support me over the past…well, 25 years (with the exception of Meg, but she gets thanks for a solid 23 years of support).  I honestly, HONESTLY could not have gotten here without them.  So even though they may never read this (again, with the exception of Meg, because if you don’t read our blog, that’s just sad), I want to say:  thank you Mama, Baba, Goku, and Meg.  For EVERYTHING.  Thank you for supporting me (emotionally, financially, culinarily, vehicularly, unconditionally), thank you for doing my chores when I was too busy studying to pull my weight at home, thank you for helping me pack all of my STUFF and move across cities year after year, thank you for teaching me compassion and caring and kindness and empathy.  Last but not least, thank you for coming to my convocation.  You guys are the best.  I love you.


CONTINUING WITH THE SAPPINESS.  To my incredible friends, if any of you read this, I just want to say:  1) You’re all absolutely amazing and I am so proud of each and every one of you.  2) I am so grateful that we went through this crazy journey that was medical school together.  Here’s to keeping each other awake through lectures, frantic last-minute tutorial prep, reunions and rant sessions over sushi and tacos and pho, and everything in between.  I wish you all the best of luck next year, and I’m going to miss you all a ton (except for Alex…you’re stuck with me).  Speaking of whom, hey, Alex?  I can’t even imagine what the last three years would have been like without you.  Thank you for everything.  You’re amazing, and I am so proud of you.  Congratulations, Dr. Ng!


Ok!  Now on to the nails:

The polishes:
– White:  Julep’s Dana (4231)
– Burgundy:  coco+lulu’s Bordeaux (894)
– Black: Julep’s Ledi (4223)
– Silver: Nicole by OPI’s Positive Energy (NI 257)

The technique here is pretty self-explanatory. Start with an opaque base of white, which may or may not require 3 (or 5…) coats, then grab a couple of dotting tools, and go to town.  Simple as that.

Until next time!

– Ry


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