Nail Diaries: Western University-Bound!

Five years ago, I was unintentionally doing my best to make the furrow between my brows a permanent fixture on my face.  Trying to decide between pursuing a bachelor’s degree in journalism or language arts, attending an out-of-province university or a local one, following my friends or setting out on my own—the stress and pressure felt immense.

Ultimately, I naively put my ideals and dreams above all else.  While I wouldn’t say that I made the wrong choice, exactly, I certainly didn’t make the best one.  A year into my studies, I was so incredibly miserable that I transferred programs and schools.  Oddly enough, I did a complete 180, and went for the most practical option this time around.  In hindsight, I understand that this was my way of making up for the past year of wasted time, wasted money, and wasted effort.  If I was going to continue my studies, I would graduate with a sensible degree, and as an employable individual.

Alas, life seemed to have a different plan for me.  Having recently completed my bachelor’s, I find myself in a completely different position than I had envisioned.  That isn’t to say that I consider myself unemployable.  I’ve simply come to the realization that my current knowledge and expertise do not lend themselves to obtaining a job in my preferred industry.  Hence, I will, in fact, be returning to school in the fall.

Let me clarify—it isn’t that I am so enamored by the education system that I can’t bring myself to leave (which appears to be the case for some of my friends).  Rather, after having multiple headache-inducing life discussions with Ry (sorry, Sister-Dearest), I recognized that there are certain skills and experiences that are better off learned within the safety of a classroom.

And so, it is with tentative excitement that I share with you, dear reader, that I will be attending Western University in pursuit of a Master’s of Media in Journalism and Communication.

As per usual, I’m chronicling this life decision, event, stage, or what have you with a nail design.

The polishes: Sally Hansen’s White On (139), Revlon’s Enchanting (220)

Naturally, it’s inspired by Western’s colours, purple and white, and print journalism.  This time around, I used a sponge to achieve the ombre-gradient effect instead of my usual lazy way.  As for the news print, soak a newspaper clipping in rubbing alcohol, and then press it very firmly on to your nail.

And there you have it—go Mustangs…?

Here’s to acquiring new skills and exploring all that Ry’s alma mater has to offer!

’til next time,

Meg ❤


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