Nail Diaries: Happy Easter!

It’s Easter weekend!

If you’re part of the real working world, kick up your feet and enjoy the long weekend.

If you’re in the process of delaying such adulthood (read: your past self decided to torture your present self by signing up for more school…genius), remember: this is not the time for relaxing.

I’ll rephrase: no, you absolutely do not have time to binge-watch that season of OTH, Grey’s, Gilmore Girls, or Rookie Blue that you’ve already watched a bajillion times.  (This is clearly more of a note-to-self thing…)

You do, however, have 2 minutes to spare to scroll through this adorable hatching Easter chick nail design:

The polishes:

  • Nicole by OPI’s Bee in the moment (NI 475)
  • Revlon’s Enchanting (220)
  • Sally Hansen’s Pardon My Garden (530)
  • Barry M’s Sunset Daylight Curing in Do you pink I’m sexy (541)
  • Sally Hansen’s Sky’s the Limit (565)
  • Sally Hansen’s White On (139)
  • Sally Hansen’s Black Out (629)
  • Covergirl’s Glosstinis‘ in #ElectrGlow (660)

It’s worth noting that somehow Ry and I don’t own every colour in an Easter-appropriate pastel, so I had to a fair bit of polish mixing.  I don’t recommend this.  At all.  Just go out and buy yourself a nice set of pastels.  Like I’m about to go do…

All done! See? That didn’t even take up 2 minutes of your time, especially if ignored all the words and simply scrolled through the photos.

Now, back to cramming, or cranking out papers, or whatever it is you need to do to finish this semester.  And might I recommend a few pounds of Easter chocolate to help you get through things?  Trust, it always helps.

Happy Easter, everyone!

’til next time,

Meg ❤


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