Nail Diaires: Tale As Old As Time (Beauty & the Beast)

I was eight and Ry was ten when we were voluntold to perform “Tale As Old As Time” for our school’s talent show.  Okay, I’ll be honest; I can’t exactly remember how we got thrown into the lineup, but I certainly wasn’t the one to initiate the whole affair.  Long story short, I was shoved on stage in front of the school, forced to sing Tale As Old As Time while Ry accompanied me on the piano.  And to top it off, Mother put me in an unbelievably itchy dress.  The absolute pain…

From what I can remember, it was supposed to be more of a “look how well Ry can play the piano!” with a side of “and she has a younger sister who can kind of sing too!”  Alas, technical difficulties turned it into a “am I supposed to be able to hear the person playing the piano?” with “well, she’s not tone-deaf…” It wasn’t pretty.  In fact, at the tender age of eight, it was somewhat traumatizing.

It took a good eight years for me to let go of the minor dislike that I had for the movie as a result, and an additional five for me not to cringe at the sound of “Tale As Old As Time”.

And that whole ridiculously long intro was to simply explain that Beauty and the Beast and I haven’t always had the smoothest of relationships.  (Let it be known that this is definitely not the case for Ry.  Belle is without a doubt her favourite Disney princess.)  So when Disney announced its live-action remake, I was…wary.

Fast-forward to last week, and my sentiments remained more or less the same.  I walked into that theatre with a neutralized excitement, if you will.  I was still wary, but optimistically so because, well, Disney.

Surprisingly, I left relatively content.  Aside from the bizarrely awkward beginning, Emma Watson’s overly edited voice (why did they have to mess with it so much?), the low-key creepiness of the animated characters (excluding the Beast), and the somewhat underwhelming ending (they literally copied the animated version to a T…like did y’all see that Prince Adam reveal?), I was impressed.  I wouldn’t put it at the same level as Cinderella’s live-action remake, but I was still smiling by the end.

And so, to commemorate my renewed like for Beauty and the Beast, here’s a Beast-inspired nail design:

And another similar design:



And here’s a Chip-inspired one:

If you’d like, you can check out a more detailed post on the nail art that I wrote for my Her Campus chapter.

Thanks for reading!

’til next time,

Meg ❤


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