Nail Diaries: Island of Glass

Okay, okay, it’s been a while.  I know.  I owe Meg big time (as she keeps reminding me).  So here’s the first installment in the “Ry pays up and pulls her weight so Meg doesn’t disown her” series.  Here we go.

After my whirlwind three-week, cross-Canada CaRMS interview tour, I was ready for a break.  Unfortunately, the West coast gifted me with a terrible cold, and so I came home, promptly crawled into bed, and stayed there for the next week.  On the bright side, as I wallowed in feverish misery, I had the perfect excuse to indulge in one of my favourite pastimes (aside from painting my nails, of course.  We’ll get to that):  reading.

Now, you may or may not know, but one of Meg and my favourite authors is Nora Roberts.  (I’ll give you some time for your judgement and snide comments.  Got them out?  Cool.  Let’s continue.)  Her latest trilogy, The Guardians Trilogy, has been sitting on my bookshelf for MONTHS.  In fact, Meg wrote a post about the second book back in September.   So I was more than happy to finally have a bit of down time to let Nora Roberts sweep me away to a world of magic and adventure.

One week later, still somewhat sickly and confined to my bedroom, I came to the end of the third book.  And what better way to commemorate this wonderful trilogy than to paint my nails in its honour?  And so I present to you my manicure inspired by Nora Roberts’s masterpiece conclusion to her Guardians Trilogy, Island of Glass.


The polishes:

  • Light green:  Essie‘s mint candy apple (702)
  • Turquoise: Coco & Lulu‘s Riviera
  • Purple: NYC’s Nolita’s Lavender (#265)
  • Gold:  OPIs Love Angel Music Baby (NL G28)


In terms of technique, let’s go one by one.
To start, my thumb was done with a couple of dotting tools, and a fair amount of patience.  Just start with a clear base coat, and randomly add dots until the whole nail is covered.

I used a sponge to get the ombre effect on my pinky and third finger.  Paint the base colour, wait for it to dry, and then use a sponge (typically, makeup sponges work better, but I used a kitchen sponge because that’s what I had on hand) to lightly add the second colour on top.  Admittedly, the purple and gold aren’t the best colour combination, but let’s just roll with it, okay?

Finally, my index and ring fingers with the cool mermaid/braid pattern were painted freehand.  There are a ton of tutorials about how to do it, so I’ll just leave the one that I found the most helpful here.

And that’s it!


Until next time,


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