Nail Diaries: Happy Valentine’s (Galentine’s) Day 3.0!

It’s that time of year again, folks.  Happy Valentine’s Day!  Know that we’re sending you lots of love every single day, but especially today.

To prove it, we hereby give you (invalid) permission to treat yourself.  Stop hitting the books, drop that pen, step away from the keyboard.  Buy yourself that sweater you’ve been eyeing, run yourself that much deserved bubble bath, or maybe even treat yourself to a manicure (DIY or otherwise).  Speaking of manicures…


This one’s a bit of a cheat, but when Julep creates a heart-shaped confetti-filled nail polish, you don’t pass it up, am I right?

The polishes:

  • Rimmel’s New Romantic (227)
  • Julep’s Hartleigh (4339)

Back to that whole mushy, gushy lovey-dovey thing…seriously, take the time to pamper yourself.  Also, be sure to do the same for those around you, whether that means surprising your partner in crime with a gift or two, cooking up an unexpected feast for your crazy family, or spending a few extra minutes playing with your furry friend.

But if you can’t find the time for a little indulgence today, it’s all good.  Just be sure to take advantage of that discounted chocolate and candy tomorrow 😉

Lots of love,

MegRyann ❤



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