Nail Diaries: Roots Cabin Socks

If you’re Canadian, then surely you’ve been exposed to the warm wonders of Roots.  And if you’re a Canadian post-secondary student, then chances are you’ve controversially spent more hours than you’d care to admit wearing Roots attire head-to-toe…in public (unless you go to McGill.  Kidding…sort of.)

But as the temperature drops, it only seems fitting that we push the boundaries of comfy chic even further by adding Roots socks in to the mix.  You know, the wonderful cabin socks that work wonders to block out freezing Arctic-like temperatures especially when layered (-20°C anyone? Perhaps a foot of snow to go with that?)?  The ones that, despite only coming in one size, can fit both Ry with her tiny Cinderella feet and me with my giant clown feet?  The ones that look a little something like this (smooth segue alert):


The polishes:

  • Essence’s rock my world (53)
  • Essie’s blanc (001)
  • Sally Hansen’s nail art striper in red


The technique:

  1. Apply a grey base colour.
  2. Paint on white tips, using Scotch tape as a guide.
  3. Sponge an even layer of white over top the whole nail (tips included for the textured knit effect).
  4. Paint on a stripe of red across the tips, using striping tape if necessary.
  5. Apply a top coat.

Pretty easily done, right?

Alas, as much as we wish sporting a Roots socks mani did something to keep our hands and fingers warm, the unbending physics of this world dictates otherwise.  I guess we’ll just have to settle for tricking our minds into thinking that the slowly numbing, freezing burn felt in our extremities is actually due to some magical heat force whenever we’re outside.


Thanks for reading, and stay warm, folks!

If you’re set on braving nature’s chilling blows,

Put aside all style, pile on them clothes

Cover your nose and protect your toes,

Or risk ending up complete froze(…n).

Better yet, stay inside, take a short repose,

And for a moment ignore your winter woes.

This, to you, is what I propose.

(Sorry, 3-hour long redundant lecture problems.)

’til next time,

Meg ❤


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