Nail Diaries: Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

As Chinese-Canadians, Ry and I appreciate both parts of our heritage, which means celebrating both New Years.  And seeing as we tossed out a firework-filled New Year manicure for January 1st, it only seems fair that we do the same to ring in the Lunar New Year.


As per Chinese tradition, red is the colour to sport during times of celebration, representing luck, happiness, prosperity…you get the idea.  Hence, every year, on this day, our family becomes a wonderfully clashing clan of red-donning nitwits.  It’s quite a sight.  In all fairness, we’ve chosen one of the tamer traditions to follow.  There are countless other superstitions surrounding the New Year like not bathing, not washing your hair, or not cleaning the house that we overlook for the sake of hygiene. You’re welcome, close friends and family.


But back to the colour donning, we also like to throw in the odd bit of gold or yellow, which stand for similar ideas of good fortune, richness, etc.


And all of this (plus a few personal tangents) to explain why the nail design is red and yellow with a pattern inspired by the little pockets that are traditionally given as gifts seen in the photos.  See the resemblance?  (It’s really just the colours and the whole floral thing…shhh…)


Apologies for the lame, somewhat patronizing lecture on Chinese tradition.  Regardless, Happy New Year!

’til next time,

Meg ❤


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