Nail Diaries: Countdown to Christmas

It’s official, folks.  We’re well into December, we’ve had our first snowfall, and the weather is finally cold enough to warrant bundling up in cozy winter scarves and hats.  The streets are decked out in lights and garlands, we can finally get our hands on a Starbucks Holiday Flat White (seriously, we look forward to this all year–move over PSL, the HSFW is where it’s at), and it’s an honest struggle to find a radio station that isn’t exclusively playing Christmas music.

All that to say:  the countdown to Christmas is officially underway!

Now, you’re probably wondering why we’re so late to the game.  After all, social media tells me that most of my friends have been decorating their Christmas trees, wearing ugly Christmas sweaters, baking cookies, shopping for gifts, and making gingerbread houses for the better part of a month now.  To which I say:  1) CaRMS, 2) CTU with 1 in 4 call, and 3) it’s weird how un-Christmas-y it feels when it’s 10 degrees and there’s no snow in sight.

ANYWAY.  In an effort to join in on the Christmas spirit, I dedicated a post-call day to crafting a holiday manicure, inspired by our red and gold Christmas tree.


The polishes:
Essie‘s double breasted jacket
OPI‘s Love Angel Music Baby (G28)


The technique:  a couple coats of red, two dotting tools (one small and one mini), a steady hand and a lot of patience, all sealed with a glossy top coat.


And that’s it!  Wishing you all a wonderful, safe holiday season, and a very Merry Christmas.

Until next time!


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