Nail Diaries: Halloween!

It’s Halloween weekend!  We hope you’re all enjoying your All Hallows’ Eve festivities, whether you’re trick-or-treating, or engaging in other more sophisticated celebrations (both of which involve costumes and the consumption of goodies that aren’t so good for you, so things really don’t change much, do they?).

Anyway, CaRMS is currently hijacking all of my free time, so my nails are the extent of my Halloween celebrations.  As I admitted in my throwback to my previous Halloween-inspired nail art, the only thing Halloween about this manicure is the orange and black colour combination.  But hey, it’s tried and true for a reason, guys.


If you stretch your imagination a bit (a lot…and maybe squint your eyes and tilt your head while you’re at it), you can almost pretend there’s an underlying mummification effect going on.  (It might also remind you of a tiger, but ignore that.)

The polishes:

  • OPI’s Bronzed to Perfection 
  • China Glaze’s Smoke and Ashes (1126)


The technique re-introduces my best friend, Mr. Scotch Tape.  Start with a couple of coats of orange, and once those are dry, cut strips of Scotch tape to create the striping effect.  You can play with the thickness of the lines as well as the angles for different looks.  Every nail is a new opportunity! Once you’re happy with the placement of your tape, paint over everything in black, and immediately remove the tape to get clean lines.  Apply a top coat for shiny protective goodness, and you’re done!


And that’s all!  Wishing you all a fun and safe Halloween this year!

Until next time,


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