Polish Purge! Part 1: Reds and Pinks

Alright folks, we finally did it.

Meg and I have been collecting nail polish for about…oh, 10 years now.  As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, our nail polish collection is getting out of control.  In fact, it could probably star in its own episode of Hoarders.  Like all problems, our collection started off small.  It gradually grew as we expanded our horizons and realized finger nails didn’t have to be pink or red, and then it exploded when we upped our nail art game and needed every colour and its neighbour on the colour wheel to complete various designs.  To make matters worse, sometime in the past year (or two, or three), we became undeniable nail polish addicts, and we just started buying new colours because…well, why not?

All that to say we were in desperate need of a purge.  So this past weekend, I made the trip home carting my (very heavywho knew such little bottles could weigh so much?) half of our collection.  Meg and I sat down, laid everything out, and got to work.

My (very heavy) half of our collection

Much like a wardrobe clearout, we decided we needed to be very selective about what stayed and what went.  Otherwise the nail polish addict part of my soul (not to mention my guilty conscience—that little bugger that wouldn’t stop whispering “You paid $5 for that bottle…and you only used it once”) would refuse to let anything go.  So our criteria included the following:

  1. Is it usable?  Dried up?  Clumpy?  A solid mass in the bottle that can’t be moved no matter how hard you shake it?
  2. Do you even like the colour?  Would you ever wear it?
  3. Does the colour clash with your skin tone?  Does it make your hand look sallow, jaundiced, or unattractively green?
  4. Is it impossible to apply?  Does it streak so much you never want to use it?  Does it require 10 coats that no one ever has time for?
  5. Do you need it?  Do you have a colour very similar to this one that looks better, applies better, or generally just makes this one obsolete?
  6. Have you ever worn it?  If not, why?  And is that reason likely to change after today?

Without further ado, may I present to you part 1 of the results of this polish purge.  Given that our collection started with reds and pinks, we thought it fitting to begin with them.



Because yes, we did need 27 different shades of red.

And after:

I know what you’re thinking:  “Amazing!  16 shades of red is TOTALLY reasonable.”





You have to admit, this is an impressive down-size

And there you have it!  Part 1 of the Great Nail Polish Purge of 2016.

To be continued…


Until next time!


P.S. If you’re curious about a particular shade, just leave a comment down below!



  1. Good for you! My collection is invading our condo… I have nail polish bottles hiding in every nook and cranny!
    I do try to set aside ones that I obviously dislike in terms of colour / formula. But I seem to hold onto a lot of mediocre polishes too. I’ll likely defer my nail polish purge until next year… 😉


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