Nail Diaries: Grey Skies Tipped With Black Storms

Oh the weather outside is frightful…

Okay, so it isn’t quite blizzarding as the song lyric would suggest, but this week has been fraught (that’s right, fraught) with terrible weather.  Gloomy grey skies, unrelenting downpours, blustering winds, and to top it all off, a few shots of lightning and thunder.  If you ask me, I’d say we’ve officially said goodbye to summer, and sloshed right into autumn.

Now normally, I’d be ecstatic about this change–after all, fall is my FAVOURITE season of all time.  Unfortunately, instead of settling in by gradually cooling things down and presenting us with the art show that is the changing autumn leaves, fall has decided to announce itself in the form of miserable, torrential rain.

So while I would love to usher in the season with a beautiful manicure of deep oranges, reds, and browns, I just don’t feel like fall deserves this homage just yet.  Instead, you get my minimalist rendition of this week’s weather:  grey skies tipped with black storms.


The polishes:

  • Julep‘s Ledi (4223)
  • Formula X by Sephora‘s Hypnotize


Now the technique re-introduces my best friend:  Scotch tape.  I probably should have taken some photos during the taping process, but I forgot.  Sorry!  Basically, you take one piece of tape, and place it across the whole nail on a diagonal, the same way you would if you just wanted a normal solid tip.  Then cut an acutely angled triangle of tape, and place it onto the nail so that it cuts into what would have been that solid tip.  You can angle the triangle whichever way you want, depending on how you want your zig-zag to look.  Then just paint your tips in black, and remove the tape.


And that’s it!

Until next time!



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