Once Upon a Dream: Disney’s Sleeping Beauty

Our last Disney-related post featured the ever annoying Dying Quail (aka Princess Snow White).  Sticking to the theme of abhorred Disney Princesses, we’ve moved on to the slightly less irritating Sleeping Beauty.  Truthfully, the only reason we dislike Princess Aurora is because she’s the most passive princess of them all.  Saying a grand total of 18 lines throughout the entire movie, and being comatose for a good chunk of its duration, she’s pretty pathetic from a feminist point of view.  And while this should put her lower on our list, she can’t really be blamed for being silent and asleep now can she?  Also, she doesn’t sound like a dying quail.  Points to her for that.  But enough of the written diarrhea—on to the design.


We’re clearly sticking to a formula with these Disney character-inspired designs; hair colour + skin tone + outfit colours = nail art design.  It’s pretty fool-proof, no?

And of course, while Princess Aurora is most often depicted in a pink dress, I couldn’t ignore the fact that Ry would be terribly upset with me if I officially chose pink over blue (although obviously pink beats blue #TeamFlora).  So I did both (and forgot to take a close-up of the blue like the genius that I am…).


The polishes:

  • Sally Hansen‘s Maximum Growth in Starlet (21)
  • Essie‘s bikini so teeny (219)
  • Sally Hansen‘s Royal Blush (230)
  • Essie‘s blanc (001)
  • Sally Hansen‘s Wedding Glitters (110)


How about you? Are you Team Pink or Team Blue?  (…pink…)

Thanks for reading!

’til next time,

Meg ❤


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