Everyday Inspiration: Anthropologie Ikat wide-leg pants

I’m home!  …sort of.

The next stop on my elective tour is Toronto, which is close enough to home for me to stop by the house and raid Meg’s half of our nail polish collection (which, side note, is starting to get out of hand—we really need to do a nail polish clear-out at some point in the near future).

Now, whenever I’m away for an extended period of time while Meg is home, there’s one thing that always happens upon my return:  I get presented with a basket of hand-me-downs to sort through.  Some of you may be thinking:  But isn’t Meg technically the little sister and therefore, by definition, the rightful recipient of hand-me-downs?  To which I respond:  while Meg might be the younger sister, I was, to my never-ending regret, cursed with a severe lack of height while we were growing up (or in my case, NOT growing up), and as a result, I am, in fact, the littler sister.

Anyway, I got home, lugged my over-packed, morbidly-obese-child of a suitcase upstairs, and opened the door of my bedroom to find a basket full of oldie-but-goodies sitting atop my bed.  And in that basket I found my newest obsession, and the object of inspiration behind this week’s nail design:  Anthropologie’s Ikat Wide-Legs.


I feel like these are a love-hate item of clothing; some might find the print to be a bold fashion statement, while others might see it as a hideous pattern resembling a flat-ironed peacock.  I personally fall squarely on the “love” side of that line.  I’ve actually been wearing them non-stop since I picked them out of that basket.  And I figured, since I’m wearing them so much, I might as well paint my nails to match them!

Introducing: my Ikat Wide-Legs-inspired manicure:


The polishes:

  • Butter London’s SLAPPER
  • Avon’s Classic Fit (N801)
  • Essie’s Blanc (001)


As for the process, it took a little longer than I originally anticipated just because the base navy colour is so dark, and I was afraid the turquoise wouldn’t show up on top of it.  So to get around this issue, I used some good ol’ tape to create negative space, which I subsequently filled in.


And then I went in with a little brush and added the white.

And voila!  All done!

megryann_anthro_ikat_01 megryann_anthro_ikat_02


Until next time,




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