Disney’s Snow White

Snow White: the fairest in the land (according to a magic mirror…).

Hair as black as ebony? Check.

Lips as red as a rose? Check.

Skin as white as snow? Check.

Voice of a dying quail? Double check.

Sure, she’s the title character of Disney’s first full-length animated film, but as Disney-obsessed as we are, Ry and I aren’t hard of hearing.  In fact, after ten plus years of rigorous piano lessons (just kidding, they were pretty lax), we’re pretty attuned to noises.  And as so accurately pinpointed by Ry, Snow White’s singing voice sounds uncannily like that of a quail being subjected to some form of extreme water torture.  Therefore, she will henceforth be referred to as the Dying Quail.

Now, we may not particularly like the Dying Quail, but it seems a little too mean-spirited to exclude her from our Disney Princess series what with her being the first and all.  So, in the interest of fairness (haha, fairness…get it?), I have put my dislike aside and made the Dying Quail a freaking nail design. (Read: our polish collection happened to contain her colours, and not those of the other remaining princesses. Don’t worry, we’re on it.)


Polishes (in order of application):

  1. Essie‘s tuck it in my tux (032)
  2. Rimmel Salon Pro in Hot Gossip (325)
  3. Sally Hansen’s nail art pen in Fine Black (410)
  4. L’Oreal‘s jet set to Paris (540)
  5. Covergirl Glossy Days in #GetGlowing (670)
  6. Essence‘s wild white ways (33)


Considering how little I care for the naively shrill princess, I most definitely put way too much time and effort into her design.  Was it worth it?  You tell me…

Snow White nail art

Now, surely we can’t be the only ones that dislike the Dying Quail.  How about you? Do you also harbour slightly excessive negative feelings for her…or any other Disney character?  Let us know, and thanks for reading!

’til next time,

Meg ❤


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