blue nail design

Colour Combo: Scalloped Blue on Blue

So I’ve been MIA for a while and Meg has been doing most of the heavy lifting around here.  MY BAD.  By way of explanation, I’ve been doing my cross-country tour of visiting electives (translation:  seeing a lot of airports, traveling from city to city, and spending a whirlwind two weeks in each place trying to learn some medicine, impress some important people, and get a feel for whether I would consider moving to said city).

Being on elective also means that I’ve been living out of a suitcase.  And as that relates to this blog, this means that before I left home, I had to carefully select a small number of nail polishes that would sustain me for the next couple of months.  No easy feat for a nail polish addict, let me tell you. (Unfortunately, Meg and I are also shoe addicts and shopaholics and bibliophiles, so there were several collections competing for what little precious space there was in my poor abused suitcase.)

Anyway, when you don’t have a lot of variety to choose from, an easy way to keep things interesting is simply to mix and match.  So after I had spent a few weeks with simple monochrome manicures, I upped the ante and started pairing up my polishes.  Introducing this week’s creation:  scalloped blue on blue.

The polishes:

  • Essie‘s hide & go chic (861)


  • Essie‘s mint candy apple (702)


The other fun thing about pairing up polishes for perfect-duo designs is trying out different patterns.  This time, I went for a scalloped effect, which was surprisingly simple (although I’ll be the first to admit that it’s a little rough around the edges and I could use some practice).  All you do after painting on a couple of coats of the first colour is free-hand a few strokes in your second colour, starting mid-nail.  That’s it.  Seriously.


And there you have it!

Until next time!



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