Scottish Highlands

Naturally, when you return from a six-month long trip, your family and friends have a fair number of questions.  Aside from the ever open-ended “what did you do over there?” (to which I loquaciously respond “studied stuff…ate food…went places”), the question I get asked the most often is “what was your favourite place to visit?”.  Well, whether foolishly fueled by my obsessions with Oliver Wood and Jamie Fraser or not, I would hands-down say that Scotland was by far my favourite.  Edinburgh skyline, cute little lambs, controversially tasty haggis, unparalleled sticky toffee pudding (clearly I enjoy my food), and kind, enthusiastic Scots aside, touring the Highlands was definitely the highlight of my visit.

You see, I’ve read my fair share of clichéd Highland-themed novels where the protagonist stands on “the cliffs as the sun warms the cool air, the water laps gently against the rocks, and the wind whistles through the high treetops.”  I always figured passages like these were subject to artistic license.  As it turns out, they’re pretty darn spot-on…

MegRyann Scottish Highlands

IMG_20160430_104409 - Copy

IMG_20160430_135932 - Copy

Pretty, right?  And as per usual, I tend to draw inspiration from the prettiness around me, and attempt to recreate it in nail art form.  So, meet my impressionistic Scottish Highland nails:



Left to right:

  • Essie‘s bikini so teeny (219)
  • Julep‘s Fiore
  • Rimmel‘s 60 Seconds in Camouflage (830)
  • Essie‘s blanc (001) (not pictured as its being expertly covered by my hand…)
  • Nicole by OPI’s Nic’s Sticks in Form One Lime (NS 009)
  • Essie‘s make some noise (1122)
  • Covergirl‘s non-stop stone (210)
  • Nails Inc. Leather Effect in Old Compton Street (133)

The technique: take a tiny brush, porous sponge, and makeshift nail palette, layer a few colours, mix a few others, dab here and there, and voila!  Trust me, that’s a very accurate depiction of how it happened.

IMG_6550 (2)

If you ever have the chance to visit Scotland, go.  Just go.  And if you find yourself in Edinburgh, might I suggest dining at The Guildford Arms?

Thanks for reading!

’til next time,

Meg ❤

P.S. This week in terrible excuses for being absent on this blog: I temporarily misplaced my SD card (read: the disproportionately tiny card [relative to its importance] fell between the cracks of my pull-out daybed, requiring some serious circus-like arm contortion…not cool).

Interested in procrastinating even longer by reading up on more of my travels? Check out my London-inspired post!

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