Everyday Inspiration: Marc Jacobs Decadence

For the longest time I was (and still am) obsessed with Tom Ford’s Velvet Orchid perfume.  I’ll admit, the scent isn’t for everyone.  In fact, Ry hates it about as much as I hate her signature scent… which is a lot.  So, being the wonderful sister that I am, I went on the hunt for something a little lighter that would hopefully be less despised.

Last year, Marc Jacobs launched a fragrance completely different from most of his existing fresh, floral scents: Marc Jacobs Decadence.


Yes, that overly extravagant, completely unnecessary, absolutely freaking gorgeous bottle holds a perfume.  Now, a bit of light research tells me that he apparently based this perfume on a more sophisticated lady persona (ahem…not me).  Which explains the super fancy bottle-purse thing.  But we’ll get back to that in a bit.

As for the actual perfume itself, it carries key notes like Italian plum, Bulgarian rose, and liquid amber (their words, not mine).  And as a total sucker for sweet, warm, rose-scented things, there wasn’t anyway I could not fall in love with Decadence.  Naturally, I couldn’t justify coughing up $80+ with my (non-existent) student income.  So I settled for the considerably more affordable rollerball.

And then my insanely generous bestie surprised me in Ireland (yes, I said Ireland) with the actual bottle.  Isn’t it just the prettiest?  The entire concept is a supposedly a twist on carrying a perfume in your handbag.  Looking at the ridiculous amount of detail from the python embossed lid, the gold trim and chain, and the fluffy black tassel, I’m pretty sure the empty bottle costs more than the majority of my purses.

In any case, the whole point to my rambling is that this gorgeous bottle became the inspiration for a nail design.


The polishes:


  • Barry M‘s Gelly Hi Shine in Black Pistachio (534)


  • OPI‘s Gold Shatter (NL E60)


  • Sally Hansen‘s nail art pen in Fine Black (410)


The process was a bit of pain.  If I had access to the full MegRyann collection back home, recreating the python effect would have been so much easier (Nail’s Inc. Leather Effect anyone?).  Instead, after a few coats of Black Pistachio, I layered the Gold Shatter on just the ends.  After that, I laboriously went in with the black pen and very lightly coloured over the shattered tips so as not to lose the texture.  Finally, using our trusty striping tape, I threw on about four coats of the Gold Shatter in a nice thick stripe (because stupid me doesn’t have a regular gold polish here).

Mandatory (overly dark) close-up (the sun is a rarity in London…they weren’t joking):


Alright, well hopefully you’re feeling inspired to create your own nail design based off of something around you. Okay, so it’s probably more likely that you’re just feeling the urge to run out and get a whiff of Decadence for yourself.  It’s totally worth it, trust me.

Thanks for reading!

’til next time,

Meg ❤


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