Nail Diaries: Cherry Blossoms

Ryann here again!

This makes my third post in a row.  I know…what is the world coming to?

Anyhow, so a couple of our best friends and family members live out West in the seemingly-perfect land that is Vancouver, B.C..  And as I write this, Vancouverites are celebrating their cherry blossom festival (as well as their general superiority over the rest of the country because they have sunshine and cherry blossoms while the rest of us are glaring at snow and freezing rain. Can you feel my jealousy?  Can you?).

Anyway, my Instagram is being flooded with photos of pretty cherry blossoms from the various Vancouverites that I follow.  So instead of (or in addition to) scrolling through said photos with envy, I decided to join in on the sakura spirit, and paint myself a cherry blossom-inspired manicure.


The polishes:


  • Essie’s French Affair (740)
  • China Glaze’s Goin’ My Way? (932)
  • Revlon’s Top Speed in Jaded (320)
  • Julep’s Carla (4328)

The technique:
Start with a couple of coats of pale green, and let it dry completely.  Then go in with a tiny brush and paint the branches (this part’s easy, because they can be whatever shape, and however squiggly you want them to be).  Once the branches are dry, use a dotting tool (or a straightened bobby pin) and a couple of different shades of pink to add your blossoms.


And voila!


Until next time!



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