Colour Combo: Pink and Purple

Spring is here!

Not that you’d be able to tell by the weather (WHY IS IT STILL SNOWING IN APRIL?!), but spring is officially here.  And that means it’s time to put away our beloved jewel tones and muted winter colours, and pull out the ever-appropriate pretty pastels of spring.

Now you may or may not be aware, but my favourite colour is blue.  So my nails (when they’re painted) are generally sporting some variation of blue, navy, cobalt, etc.  Every now and then, I’ll go crazy and throw in a grey, or—gasp!—green, but I stay fairly close to the cold side of the colour wheel.  But in the spirit of spring, I have decided go a little crazy, and venture into the pastel-tinged world of (slightly) warmer colours.

Introducing a new colour combo for me:  pastel pink and purple.


The polishes:  Essie’s Lapis of Luxury (717) and Julep’s Carla (4328).

IMG_0389 (3)

And as for technique, it was just a matter of putting on a couple coats of the pink, and using some striping tape to create a straight line before adding the purple.  My third finger was done using a makeup sponge.


And voila!  I actually surprised myself with how much I liked this non-blue manicure.  It just looked so soft and pretty and feminine, you know?

Until next time!



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