Nail Diaries: Easter

Happy Easter, everybody!

You may have noticed that Meg has been pulling most of the weight around here (MY BAD).  My semi-legitimate reason for being MIA, is that most hospitals have a strict no-nail-polish policy.  And as a lowly medical student, I dare not defy said policy.

Enter the magic of long weekends, aka a nail polish friendly break that is long enough to justify a little bit of nail art.

And so I present to you my spring-themed, Easter-appropriate manicure:

image1(Please forgive the rough edges.  I’m out of practice.)

The polishes:
From Formula X For Sephora’s “The Twenty-Two” collection (from left to right): Brazen, Infatuated, Radioactive, Zap
Easter - Polishes

As for technique, it was pretty simple.  A couple of coats of blue, then use a thin brush to add some strokes of green for the grass, and finally use a dotting tool for the flowers.


And voila!


Happy Easter, everyone!

Until next time,


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