Nail Diaries: Valentine’s Day 2.0

Last year we posted an embarrassingly late Valentine’s Day nail design.

This year, we’re posting one early…get ready for some serious pink.


It all started with an innocent testing of Kiko’s Velvet Satin polish in this lovely muted pink:


And while the colour is certainly gorgeous, on me, it made my fingers look like they had half-cooked shrimp hanging off of them instead of the sophisticated blush nails I was hoping for.  Green skin undertones for the win.  So I livened things up with a coat of Essie’s pink-a-boo:


And then thought of going for a colour-blocked french manicure-esque look by painting the tips with Julep’s Janel:


And then I remembered that Valentine’s day was less than a week away, and I had picked up this appropriately themed sheet of Kiko’s glitter tape:


Which is how two hours and three episodes of One Tree Hill (throwback anyone?) later, I ended up with this:


Obligatory close-up:


Thanks for reading!  Now go share the love, people.  And hoard a little for yourself.  You deserve it, and so do the people around you.

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day/Single Awareness Day!

’til next time,

Meg ❤


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