Friday Five: Glowing with glitter

The New Year is upon us, and so is the snow…if you’re in Canada, which I’m not.  So as a sad attempt to add some semblance of snow into my winter-less life, here’s a little bit of sparkle over a wintry white base. (Truthfully, I’ve been sitting on this post for over a month, but it got lost in the holiday craze and frantic packing for London.  So, instead of a New Year glitter post, it’s become a wintry snow-filled one. So sorry.  And as per usual, let’s pretend today is Friday.)


1) Nails Inc. Gel Effect in Piccadilly Place

  • If you’ve stuck around long enough to have read my opinion of Nails Inc.’s Gel Effect collection, you’ll know I’m not a huge fan because of its lasting power.  Having said that, glittery polishes always seem to be the exception in that category.  In other words, they don’t chip, and they’re a pain in the behind to remove.  Hence, this guy made this list.  It kind of reminds me of Christmas lights swaying in a snowstorm…


2) Color Club‘s Diamond Drops

  • This polish is old.  It used to be a clear gloss with chunks of holographic flakes.  Now it’s become more of a murky lemon water-esque shade.  Nonetheless, I love how the giant flecks of sparkle really make a statement.


3) Nicole by OPI in Rainbow in the S-Kylie

  • This polish also reminds me of Christmas; the green, red, and silver sparkles just stand out amongst the others.  In any case, I find that some glitter polishes apply terribly unevenly.  This bottle is an exception, I guess.  Perhaps it’s the variety of fleck sizes.  Regardless, I’m a fan.


4) Covergirl’s Golden Opportunity

  • I won’t bore you to death because I know we’ve featured this polish quite a few times already…so just bask in the awesome white gold shimmery (and blurry, sorry) effect…


5) coco+lulu‘s Champagne

  • Again, I’m sure you’ve seen this guy on the blog before, but it is truly one of my favourite polishes of all time.  It’s all pretty and princess-y and magical looking.


And the habitual close up of but three fingers because it’s near impossible to capture all five fingers up close with your hand casually resting as opposed to creating an awkward claw:


Thanks for reading, and sorry again for the 1-month+ long absence.  Keep an eye out for a few U.K.-inspired posts coming soon.

’til next time,

Meg ❤


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