Everyday Inspiration: Anthropologie’s Opposing Stripe Sweater

You know those days when you tell everyone that you’re busy, but you somehow manage to squeeze in an hour (or four) of getting lost in the pages of a book or the endless recommendations of Netflix? No?  Okay, so maybe I’m alone in my guilt of up-playing my busy schedule…but what’s a girl to do when she wants to spend some quality time with fictional characters?

And after that somewhat telling confession (homebody alert), I’d like to seamlessly segue into my excuse for why nothing has been posted on MegRyann in over three weeks: finals.  Normally, when using the finals excuse, I’m exaggerating like above.  However, this time around was no joke.  I have never in my four-ish years of post-secondary school had so many papers, projects, and exams scheduled all within such a short period of time.  Mind you I did finish this semester quite early…but what you don’t realize is that having all of your exams within the first week of the exam period is an absolute nightmare.  Anyhow, you get the point, so on to the nails!

Just as I once pulled inspiration from Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray to create a nail look, I did something similar with Anthropologie’s Opposing Stripe Sweater:

anthro sweater

I love the geometric effect that the changes in colour create, not to mention the actual colours themselves.  Naturally, I couldn’t help but recreate the design on my nails.


So the colours don’t match quite as well as I would have liked, which apparently means that our extensive nail polish collection isn’t really all that extensive (shopping anyone?).  In any case, I used the following:


  1. Essie‘s blanc
  2. Sally Hansen‘s Tickled Pink
  3. Julep‘s Alaina

As per usual, striping tape and a tiny brush made this look possible.  And of course, here’s a fuzz-filled closeup shot to finish:


Hopefully that was somewhat inspiring, or at least pretty to look at.  Either way, thanks for reading!

’til next time (which will be soon, like Friday-soon),

Meg ❤


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