Friday Five: Feeling Blue

(Wait, isn’t today Saturday?  Why yes, it is.  In fact, it might even be Sunday for some of you at this point.  But apparently pulling an all-nighter, writing an exam, hammering out an assignment, and then going to the gym makes one fall asleep just after 7:00 PM.  So for the sake of continuity and consistency, we’re going to pretend this went up on Friday as intended.)

We’re back with another Friday Five, this time featuring Ry’s favourite colour, blue!  For the record, we’re not actually feeling blue (like the idiom) as the title might suggest.  It’s meant more in a “feeling it” according to the urban dictionary kind of way.  That aside, you know the drill…here are the top five blue nail polishes from our extensive collection, in no particular order.


1. Essie‘s bikini so teeny

IMG_4783So I might have lied about that “in no particular order” part.  This one is probably in my top 10 nail polishes that I’ve ever owned.  Considering the MegRyann collection literally includes hundreds of polishes, that’s one serious claim.  Perhaps it’s because this is the colour that I always imagined Hermione Granger’s Yule Ball dress to be, a nice pastel periwinkle blue… In any case, unlike the majority of Essie nail polishes, this one doesn’t fly off your nails in chunks after a few hours, so that’s nice.

2. Formula X‘s Infatuated

IMG_4789This is a really delicate, pale blue (as seen in our Jane Bennet-inspired nail look).  It has the slightest tinge of green under some lights, but for the most part, it’s blue.  Unfortunately, it takes about four coats to get a nice solid colour due to its paleness.  On the plus side, the lasting power is slightly longer because it’s a four-coater.  Normally, Formula X is pretty terrible in that regard. (Sorry about the yellow tinge in this photo.  The sun has started setting stupid early these days.)

3. Cake’s coco + lulu fleur de lys

IMG_4763This is a gorgeous jewel-toned blue.  It’s the epitome of sapphire.  We have yet to find another polish that comes anywhere close to the richness and the multi-shade effect of this guy.  It’s seriously gorgeous.

4. Essie‘s make some noise (1122)

IMG_4786This was technically already featured in our One-Coat Wonders postbut it’s worth mentioning again.  It’s bright, bold, and beautiful.  True to its name, this guy screams for attention, and makes the perfect summer polish.

5. L’Oreal‘s jet set to Paris (<3)

IMG_4774This one brings me back to my kindergarten days when I was learning about the colour wheel.  It’s a true primary blue, and I’m sure if you were to mix it with another primary colour, you’d get the perfect secondary colour (because yes, I do remember how the colour wheel works).

6. Honourable Mention: Kiko’s Multi-Effect nail lacquer (08):

IMG_4780I figured I’d throw this one in there because it is one of our favourite blues.  If you want to read more about it, we wrote a detailed post  on it earlier this week.

And that rounds out our list of top “five” blue nail polishes.  Let us know what your favourite blues are; we’re always on the hunt for more!

Thanks for reading!

’til next time,

Meg ❤


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