Nail Diaries: Remember in Red

As many of you know, tomorrow is Remembrance Day, a day where the majority of the Commonwealth honour and remember their fallen.  In Canada, it has become tradition to show our respect by wearing a red poppy pin, inspired by the poem “In Flanders Fields”.


Now, we’re sure if you google Remembrance Day nail art, you’ll certainly get some outstandingly beautiful results.  Nevertheless, we thought we’d do things in true MegRyann fashion with a pinch of class and a dash (or heap) of minimalism.

Ry’s minimalistic Remembrance Day nails:

remembrance day nail art

  • Red – China Glaze‘s Cranberry Splash (1110)
  • Black – Julep‘s Ledi (4223)

Meg’s Poppy-inspired Remembrance Day nails:


  • Essie‘s jump in my jumpsuit (1097)
  • Essie‘s blanc (008)

Sorry for the serious lack of photos and details; it’s been busy as of late.  Even still, we’ll be sure to take a moment to remember and thank those who stood for us.

…Lest we forget…

’til next time,

MegRyann ❤


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