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Friday Five: Burning Red

Based on the temperature drop in recent weeks that oh so kindly gave Toronto its first snowfall of the season (because fall and winter can never seem to get their crap straight), I’d say it’s time to dig out the autumn arsenal.  So in the spirit of autumn sharing (which is obviously not an actual thing, but let’s just pretend it is…also, it totally should be), here are my top 5 red (-ish) nail polishes:



1. Essie‘s jump in my jumpsuit (1097):


This one’s a beautiful, classic red with blue undertones.  Essie’s website advertises it as a pink-y red-y colour, which is absolute bullocks.  Instead, think Taylor Swift’s favourite lipstick in a bottle.

2. Covergirl’s Wine to Five (190):


The difference between this colour and Essie’s jump in my jumpsuit is marginal under normal lighting.  I can only describe it as more of a raspberry shade, and slightly darker. In terms of the polish quality, I’ve always found Covergirl nail polishes to be very easy to apply.

3. Cake Beauty’s coco + lulu’s Bordeaux (894):


Bordeaux is a very dark, barely-red red.  It gives off a very subtle shimmer thanks to tiny flecks of red glitter, but this is by no means a glittery nail polish.  And as you can see, coco + lulu polishes are 3-free, supposedly making them better for you.

4. Barry M’s Berry Cosmo:


If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect burgundy/wine/aubergine polish, look no further!  Although keep in mind, if you’re not Europe-based, Barry M can be tricky to get your hands on.  My high school bestie is studying across the pond and went through a great deal of trouble to get this to me, to which I say thank you x 100.  All I can say is that I love it; I love the application, I love the formula, and I love the colour.

5. Deborah Lippmann’s Red Silk Boxers:


I’m always reminded of a ruby slipper because of this guy’s perfect semi-matte, satin effect that you just can’t replicate with a mattifying top coat no matter how hard you try.  It also dries very quickly, but has the downside of the worst lasting power ever.  We’re talking a few hours after applying this, it chipped on me.  But you just can’t beat that finish…

I’ll stop rambling now, and leave you with this simple summarizing photo:


Let me know, what are your favourite red nail polishes?  I’m always looking to expand my collection…

’til next time,

Meg ❤


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