Friday Five: Paint it Pink! (BCAM)

With the exception of a few awkward years where I avoided being labelled a girly-girl (which, for the record, I’ve since gotten over), my favourite colour has always been pink.  I can’t say why exactly.  Perhaps it’s because my room was painted two lovely shades of pink when I was a baby.  Or maybe it has to do with my love for a certain Disney princess who briefly donned a pink dress.  Regardless, to this day, I continue to appreciate the colour.

So why am I rambling on about my love for pink?  Well, if you’ve been watching the NFL as my family has, you’ll notice that players are all sporting pink gloves, socks, and even hair.  You see, October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I think it’s wonderful that so many individuals are calling attention to something as simple yet potentially life-saving as going in for a mammogram.  So in my own little way, I’d like to help spread the word by spreading the pink.  I’ve gone through my extensive collection of pink nail polishes, and pulled out my favourites.

Meet my Top 5 pink nail picks (in no particular order):



1. L’Oréal ParisHow Romantic (240):


  • perfect for those who aren’t as passionate about pink as I am
  • although a definite 3-coater, you can’t beat that barely pink subtlety

2. Cake Beauty coco + lulu‘s Macaron (432):


  • for those who are a fan of the classic baby pink
  • a 3-free nail polish, which means it’s full of less crap (if you’re in to that kind of thing)

3. Essie‘s In Stitches (608):


  • ideal for those looking for a more muted and sophisticated, rose-like tone
  • has the potential to be a one-coat wonder

4. L’Oréal Paris‘ Infallible polish in Keep Magenta (010):



  • for those looking to make a bold statement with their nails
  • lasts for days and days (proof)

5. Julep‘s Janel Bombshell (4225):


  • best suited for the jewel-toned lovers of the nail world
  • applies like a dream; a true one-coat wonder; 4-free (one-upping coco + lulu)

Put all five together, and you get an unbeatably gorgeous array of pinkness!


Or you could go for just one shade if the whole My-Little-Pony+Barbie+Polly-Pocket-all-threw-up-on-my-nails look isn’t your kind of thing…

In any case, spread the pink people!

’til next time,

Meg ❤


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