Nail Diaries: musings, a minimalist mistake

Why hello there!  Well, I am hereby guilty of having not blogged in well over a month, and here’s why…

For five weeks, I took a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, and high-tailed it to a little town in northern Quebec (Trois-Pistoles) to immerse myself in the French language.  Without the luxury of bringing my beloved nail polish collection with me, or connecting to the internet whenever I so pleased (the horror, I know), blogging was…difficult.  Hence, the lack of posts in recent weeks.

Oddly enough, I did still manage to learn something nail polish-related on this trip.  Despite my best efforts to pack lightly, my materialistic self ended up bringing a bottle of polish with me. Initially, I was set on bringing one for each week, but I narrowed that crap down–no easy task, mind you.

In the end, I chose NYC’s Nolita’s Lavender (#265)




My thought process: spring-y colour, two coats, dries fast, no great loss ($1 at Wal-Mart).

As it turns out, I really should have brought more than one bottle with me.  Four days into my trip, I was itching to switch out my purple nail disaster for anything. To my relief, there was a drugstore in Trois-Pistoles that sold nail polish, on sale to boot.  And so my one bottle became four by the end of the first week (whoops).  I could have easily made that ten bottles, but chose to suppress my shopaholic tendencies for once…

The latest editions to the MegRyann Nail Polish Collection:


Left to right: Essie‘s double breasted jacket; Sally Hansen‘s wedding glitters (110); Essie‘s fierce, no fear

Nothing mind-boggling new, but still very much loved.

Moral of the story: just bring the polish.

’til next time!

Meg ❤


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