Gel Copycats: L’Oreal Infallible Update

As promised, I chronicled the life of my L’Oreal Infallible manicure in Petale Revival from pretty and polished to chipped and more chipped.

Here’s a reminder of how it all began:


Just a bit of background information:

I did shower everyday, meaning these guys were exposed to a fair amount of steaming water.  Having said that, I made sure to wear gloves when I washed the dishes (because, no, our household does not contain one of those magical contraptions that washes your dishes for you).  I also didn’t partake in any overly nail- damaging activities like gardening or floor-scrubbing…unless you count price-tag removal (because shopping).

Now on to my daily rambling for the 12 days in question…Days 1-4

Day 1: see intial post, and photo above.

Day 2: today was a day full of typing, writing, and other mundane activities.  Slightly dry cuticles aside, the polish looks pretty much exactly the same as yesterday.  But hey, it’s only the second day, and one should hardly be impressed by a polish that holds up for two days, am I right?

Day 3: I’m starting to notice a bit of wear along the edges (that I made a point to paint).  Other than that, everything still looks shiny and new.

Day 4: A day full of studying…no change in the nails.

Days 5-10

Day 5: I can see the first signs of wear escalating from nail edges to the actual nails themselves.

Day 6: And so the chipping begins. It’s barely noticeable, but one small chip is all it takes…

Day 7: Aaand I forgot to take a photo today, sorry.  But I was right about that one small chip.  Also, my cuticles are becoming dry and unruly.

Day 8: Alright, things are getting a little too chippy for my liking. In any other case, I probably would have removed everything by now.

Day 9: Strike two of the forgotten photo. In any case, everything is really dry.  And the chipping is getting worse.

Day 10: The chipping keeps creeping higher and higher.  Also, I can see a bit of ‘water damage’, if you will.

Days 11-12

Day 11: We’ve officially reached Chipsville people.  And will you look at that snakeskin-like cracking?  Not pretty, folks.  Not pretty at all.

Day 12: More chipping and cracking combined with the blatant nail growth at the beds is a sight for sore eyes.  Time for these guys to go bye-bye.

Full disclosure: I took the series of photos of my left hand, but I’ve thrown in a photo of my right (dominant) hand at the end there just so that you can see the end result.  Let me tell you, operating the camera with my left hand to get that shot resulted in a few dozen horribly blurry and unintentionally cropped photos.

Final Thoughts: L’Oreal Infallible nail polish isn’t necessarily a replacement for your gel manicures.  I wouldn’t say this polish lasts for 12 days, mind you it claims to last “up to 12 days”.  So maybe if all you do is sit there and binge-watch on Netflix for 12 days straight, you could make it without a chip.  But alas, I don’t lead such a life.  Nevertheless, this polish is a step up from your everyday, average polish, so props for that.  And I bet if you used a base coat, you could get a solid week’s worth of wear (or longer) out of this guy.

’til next time,

Meg ❤



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