Product Review: does Rimmel’s 60 seconds polish really dry in 60 seconds?

We’re alive! Barely, seeing as Canada has decided to become the Arctic again.

Anyways, a few days ago my trusty Shoppers was randomly clearing out Rimmel’s Rita Ora 60 Seconds nail polishes.  I say randomly because Rita Ora’s line is relatively new-ish…not that I’m complaining or anything.  So, I managed to snag a bottle in Midnight Rendezvous (613), this gorgeous indigo shade, for one whole dollar. Amazing.


Now, I wanted to see if the polish was really a “one-coat nail polish” that “dries in less than 60 seconds” as the back of the bottle claims.  So the following morning, I left myself exactly 5 minutes to paint my nails (just in case something went horribly wrong…Scar’s right, be prepared, folks).

First things first, this is hardly a “one-coat nail polish”.  Even a thicker coat will still leave you with a streak-y, translucent mess.  But I was willing to overlook this if it did in fact dry in less than 60 seconds.  So I waited a minute…

As it turns out, it does dry in 60 seconds!  The only problem is that you need two coats.  And if you put on two coats, that means you have to wait two. entire. minutes.  No, I’m totally kidding.  I would definitely take the two minutes over the usual twenty or so minutes it takes for a regular polish to dry.

As proof, here’s a photo I took right after I painted my nails:


And this was taken once I got to class, after I had pulled on some seriously snuggly gloves to save my hands from frostbite in this hell of a winter.



Notice, there wasn’t a single imprint from my gloves. Zilch.  It looked fresh and perfect.

Final verdict: although not the one-coat miracle it claims to be, this guy really does dry fast.  So instead of having to add the extra step of applying applying a quick-dry top coat over your regular polish, make your life easier and pick up a bottle of this stuff.  Seriously, it works.

’til next time,

Meg ❤

P.S. Can we just take another minute to appreciate how gorgeous this colour is?  It is the perfect purple-y blue-y mix. Love it.

P.P.S. Stay warm people!  It is stupid cold out there.


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