Nail Diaries: The Lazy Way to Ombre

Hello again!

So there’s no denying that last year was the year of the ombre trend:  ombre hair, ombre denim, and ombre nails.  And I’m sure you can find tons of tutorials on how to get that perfect ombre look with the use of a makeup sponge. But…

Confession time: some of us are just way too lazy to go through the trouble of painting a sponge in order to paint our nails.  Also, some of us might not even own a makeup sponge…ahem.

So here’s my solution: screw the sponge.

There’s a much easier way to create ombre nails: metallics.



Wondering how to recreate the look?

Start by picking out your two colours, one of which is metallic. (Tip: you’ll get better results if the colours aren’t too contrasting, and if your metallic polish is made up of very fine glitter.)

In this case, I decided to try out Maybelline‘s Color Show’s Pedal to the Metal (400) and Neutral Statement (021).


1) Paint on your base colour (the non-metallic), and as per usual, give it some time to dry.

2) Using the metallic polish, start from the tip of your nail and gently drag the colour down.  The key is to not have too much polish on the brush, and to only use the very end of the brush.  This way, as you drag the brush down, less and less product gets applied, creating that perfect gradient.  By the time you reach the halfway point, nothing will be left on the brush.

3) This step is optional, but if you find that your gradient isn’t quite as gradient-y as you’d like, simply go over the very tips again.  Almost as if you were creating French tips, drag the brush across the ends of your nails.  Doing this will make your gradient that much more noticeable.

4) Seal everything with a top coat, and, at the end, you’ll have something that looks a little like this:


Mini review time!  Honestly, I’ve read quite a few one-star reviews on Maybelline‘s Color Show line.  So naturally, I wanted to see for myself if they were truly as horrendous as most claim.

Here’s my quick take:

  • thin formula
  • needs time to dry
  • long-lasting

Final Verdict: they’re not the greatest of polishes out there, but they certainly don’t deserve the masses of negative reviews that they’ve been receiving.  The thin formula means they’re rather forgiving polishes as your painting; you can go over the same spots multiple times and not have to worry about clumping.  And even though it may take longer than you would think to dry (being a thinner polish and all), it’s lasting power has me impressed.  I’ve been sporting this look for four days now, and not a single nail has chipped.  The only change from when I first painted them is the growth of the nails themselves.

That’s it for now!

’til next time,

Meg ❤


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