Product Reviews: Formula X – Hypnotize and Chaotic

The polishes:  Formula X Chaotic (left) and Formula X Hypnotize (right).

Formula X Chaotic Hypnotize

I actually quite like the Formula X polishes.  They go on really smoothly, rarely require more than two coats, and they dry relatively quickly.  They always have some really interesting colours that look amazing both in the bottle, AND on the nails.

Formula X The Two Hypnotize Chaotic

I was really impressed by this duo, because they complement each other very nicely.  Sometimes you get polishes sold as a pair, and you wonder what the company was thinking when they put them together.  But these two are a really good match.  They give a great monochromatic look that’s interesting without being too much.

Also, I just have to say that I’m kind of in love with Hypnotize.  It’s a fantastic shade of grey, but under the light it has a very slight oil spill effect which is just gorgeous.  Definitely a new favourite!

Until next time!



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