Nail Diaries: Neutral Mani with a Twist

A few weeks ago, I got my hands on an Illamasqua polish, which might not be a big deal in Europe, but in Canada, it’s a fair accomplishment. (Added bonus, I nabbed it for less than half of the retail price!).  I’ve heard wonderful things about the brand (particularly from YouTuber Fleurdeforce), so my expectations were pretty high.

I picked up the colour DWS, a gorgeous grey–not too dark and not too light.  (Confession: I totally had to google what DWS stands for, and it apparently means Dripping With Sarcasm. Approved.)


According to Illamasqua’s website, it’s a “cement grey”–not the most flattering of descriptions. I prefer to see it as an understated, classic (yes, that word again) sort of grey. It’s really quite lovely; see for yourself.


Overall, I really liked it!  For the most part, the polish applied smoothly and was only the tiniest bit streaky during the second coat.  I’d have to chalk that up to the fact that the formula is quite thick but not in a overly goopy way.  I mean to say that it’s a very creamy, dense sort of polish, and it almost reminded me of a gel manicure without the high-shine.

And then I decided to jazz things up a bit with a little twist on a French manicure using my perfect “nude”.  Feast your eyes on this amazing $1.50 NYC In a New York Color Minute polish in Fashion Safari (#201).  Fast drying, lasting, and affordable–what more could you possibly ask for?


Sadly, I lost the photos documenting the actual process, but it essentially boils down to using a piece of striping tape and a piece of Scotch tape.  So something like this (with the right colours, of course)…


The finished product:


And of course, top everything off with your favourite top coat for a dash of added shine and a longer lasting, classy look 😉

’til next time,

Meg ❤



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