Nail Diaries: Halloween!

Because around here, everyone’s revving up for Halloween, and regardless of your costume (or lack thereof), you can’t go wrong with some classic black and orange Halloween-inspired nails.

Halloween Inspired Nail Art

The polishes:
– OPI’s Bronzed to Perfection
– Julep’s Ledi
– LECHAT’s nail art striper in black

OPI Bronzed to Perfection Julep LediHalloween OPI Bronzed to Perfection Julep Ledi

And on to the nail art!

First off, I painted 2 coats of OPI’s Bronzed to Perfection.

OPI Bronzed to Perfection

I let that dry completely, then applied striping tape to my second and fourth fingers.  As usual, if you’re using striping tape, make sure all the pieces are firmly stuck to your nail, and remember the order in which you put them down so that you can take them back off in the correct order (otherwise things get messy).


On top of the tape, I applied one quick coat of Julep’s Ledi, and then immediately removed the tape with a pair of tweezers (so much easier than trying to use my fingers).

Julep Ledi and OPI Bronzed to Perfection

On my thumb, middle finger, and pinky, I simply used my black striper to draw some black lines in a random criss-crossing pattern.

Halloween Nail Black and Orange Pattern DIY

And here’s the final product!

Halloween Inspired Nail Art

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Easy Halloween Nails

Until next time!



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