Julep Maven subscription: City Lights Box

It happened.  We have upped our shopaholic game, and succumbed to the dark temptation of subscription boxes.

That’s right, yours truly is now a Julep Maven.  Let the monthly excitement of having nail polish delivered to my doorstep begin!  (Not to be outdone, Meg now has a Topbox subscription, which she’ll tell you all about herself.)

Anyway, my welcome box from Julep finally arrived, so I can show you guys all of my new goodies =)

Introducing:  the City Lights Welcome Box.

Julep Maven City Lights Welcome Box

I’ve actually wanted a Julep subscription for a while, but I waited because I didn’t quite like the colours in their Summer Brights welcome box.  I have to say, the wait totally paid off!  Jewel tones hold a special place in my heart (and nail polish collection), so this box is actually perfect for me.


Anyway, on to the polishes!

First up:  Stevie (Boho Glam)


I’m such a sucker for a nice gunmetal grey, so I’m not gonna lie, I painted my nails with this guy the day after I got the box.  Words cannot express how much I adore this colour.  As a general rule, I tend to gravitate towards dark greys in the fall–I find they’re the perfect neutral tone for the season.  Classy without being boring black, but also interesting without being obnoxiously bright.


This grey, in particular hits that perfect note of understated but not drab.  It’s neutral enough that it matches pretty much any outfit, with just enough shimmer to add interest.


(And yes, those are my walls.  Yes, it totally matches.  No, I wasn’t lying when I said I liked grey).

Next, we have:  Neha (Bombshell)


I have a feeling this one’s going to make its way into Meg’s collection, because it’s just a tad bit too bright for me.  BUT I can still appreciate a nice deep magenta when I see one.

And finally:  Padma (Classic With a Twist)


I’m also pretty excited to see if this will look as good on my nails as it does in the bottle.  Padma is a beautiful deep purple, but I’m curious as to how well the purple will come across once it’s on my nails.

And as a bonus, the welcome box also came with a nail and cuticle serum.


Which is actually quite appreciated, since these days, my cuticles are a sight for sore eyes (some might say I need to give my nails a break…but what do they know?).

And that’s everything!  We’ll upload pics when we finally get around to trying the other two colours.

Until next time!



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