Product Review: Nails Inc. London Leather Effect Soho Mews

Alright, I’m sure it feels like we’ve already beat you over the head with this, but here’s another rave review on yet another Nails Inc. London polish!  We’ll spare you the endless string of fawning and simply show you a few photos:




This is the shade Soho Mews (#173), a lovely camel/tan shade.  It’s definitely on the warmer side, with some serious yellow undertones.  And seeing as it’s a neutral shade, if your skin tone happens to match this colour, it would make the coolest “nude” polish for you!  Alas, its definitely too dark for us, but we love it anyway!

Just as the other Leather Effect was very easy to apply, and reapply if necessary, same goes for this one.  Two coats did the trick, one even would have done it (but two to be safe).  Added bonus: it dried in under 2 minutes!  For a polish that doesn’t boast “quick dry” or “60 seconds”, that’s pretty amazing in our eyes!  Really, it just means you can actually dig into that bag of chips you randomly start craving as soon as you finish painting your nails.  Or that you can relieve yourself, because is it just us, or do you always need to pee when doing your nails too (TMI? Sorry…)? Anywho, moving on…basically, we love this polish, the whole line, and pretty much the Nails Inc. brand in general (so far :p)!

’til next time,

Meg ❤

P.S. Picked this bad boy up for $2 at Shoppers!!! Love. Sales. Always.


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