Product Review: Nail Inc. London Leather Effect

Hello people!  Another new-ish nail polish here for you: Nail Inc. London‘s Leather Effect in “Old Compton Street” (#133).

IMG_3453       IMG_3457

Our first thoughts: interesting…could be gimmick-y, but what if it actually works…?  In the end our curiosity won out; we caved and bought it.

As it turns out, we were pleasantly surprised to find that we genuinely love this product!

Here’s why:

1) It actually looks like leather!  (Well, as leather-like as you can get with nail polish.)  Check out how it not only mimics the texture of leather, but also that semi-matte look with a subtle sheen when it catches the light.


2) It’s super easy to apply!  Okay, so it’s not an opaque-in-one-coat kind of polish, but two coats does it.  It isn’t fussy, applies smoothly and evenly, and dries almost as quickly as a quick-dry formula.

IMG_3459          IMG_3460

3) It holds up really well!  I full-on scrubbed the crap out of the kitchen, and not a single nail chipped! Proof: these photos were taken after I cleaned, honestly.



All in all, it’s a wonderful product!  It’s different, looks good, applies easily, and lasts.  And we can only imagine how great this would look with an edgier outfit!  So go ahead and try it for yourselves!


’til next time,

MegRyann ❤


P.S. We’ll upload a few photos of the other colours we picked up afterwards soon!


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