Nail Diaries: It’s called procrastination.

(Because I have an anatomy exam tomorrow that I’m in denial about.)

Shooting star trail easy tape nail art Essie She's Picture Perfect Shooting star trail easy nail art Essie She's Picture Perfect China Glaze Icicle

Alright, so my left hand and right hand don’t match.  But that’s because I did my left hand,  realized I didn’t like the silver, and then was too lazy to change it.

The polishes:

A random white polish, Essie’s 794 She’s Picture Perfect, Nicole OPI’s A-Nise Treat, and China Glaze’s Icicle.

Essie She's Picture Perfect, OPI A-Nise Treat, China Glaze 1023 Icicle

Step 1.  Paint one solid coat of white polish.  Knowing white, it’ll probably take about 3 coats.  Let it dry thoroughly.

White nail polish

Step 2.  Apply tape.  I used striping tape, because I think it makes for cleaner lines, but Scotch tape would work as well.  The goal is to have a triangle of white left in the middle, with the point in the top corner of your nail.

Striping tape easy stripe nail design

Step 3.  Paint on Essie’s She’s Picture Perfect above and below the tape.  As usual, remove the tape immediately to get a clean line.  Let it dry completely.

Purple and white easy tape nail design

Step 4. Apply two more pieces of tape to make a smaller triangle inside the white triangle.

Shooting star trail striping tape nail design

Step 5.  Paint inside the two pieces of tape with the second contrasting colour (either silver or black).

Shooting star trail purple and silver easy tape nail design  Shooting star trail purple and glitter easy tape nail design

Step 6.  Clean up the edges and apply top coat.  All done!

Shooting star trail easy nail design megryann

Until next time!


(…and now back to “studying”.  I hate finals.)


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