Nail Diaries: Goodbye winter, hello spring

(It seems like winter is FINALLY on its way out.  So here’s to this much welcome winter-spring transition)

Spring summer nail art pastel colours scotch tape simple designs blue pink green pruple yellow


Okay, so spring means colours (to celebrate the end of winter’s constant white and brown and grey), so I may or may not have gone a little crazy.

Yellows:  China Glaze Lemon Fizz and OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby.
Purples:  Essie’s French Affair and NYC’s Purple Pizzaz Frost
Greens:  Essie’s Mint Candy Apple and Revlon’s Ocean
Pinks:  Essie’s She’s Picture Perfect and Naturistic’s Ruby Reflection
Blues:  China Glaze’s Electric Beat and NYC’s Skin Tight Denim Creme

China Glaze Electric Beat Lemon Fizz Essie French Affair Mint Candy Apple She's Picture Perfect OPI Love Angle Music Baby NYC Purple Pizzaz Frost NYC Skin Tight Denim Creme Revlon Ocean Naturistic Ruby Reflection

1. Start with 2-3 coats (enough to get good coverage) of the pastel polishes, one colour per nail.  Let them dry completely.
(Note:  The yellow, like most yellows, didn’t have very good coverage, and required multiple thick coats.  It, therefore, took forever to dry.  Do NOT try step 2 before everything is totally dry.)

Spring summer nails China Glaze Electric Beat Lemon Fizz Essie French Affair Mint Candy Apple She's Picture Perfect

2. Apply scotch tape.  This one’s super easy.  It’s just one piece so that you get a straight vertical line down the middle of your nail.
(As usual, stick the tape to the back of your hand once or twice to get rid of the excess stickiness.  And when you put it on your nail, make sure it’s firmly stuck so no polish can get underneath the tape.)

Simple tape nail design Essie French Affair

3. Using the appropriate dark polish colour, paint over the tape so that the un-taped half of your nail will be painted.  Remove the tape immediately, giving you a clean, straight line right down the centre of your nail.
Scotch tape nail art pink

4. Once you do all of your nails, it’ll look something like this:

Half light half dark nail art with tape summer spring nails

5. Use a black striper, and draw a thin black line down the middle to separate the two colours.

Spring summer pink green purple yellow blue nail art

6. Use a Q-tip to clean up the edges.

Spring summer nails NYC purple pizzaz frost NYC skin tight denim creme Revlon ocean OPI love angel music baby

7. Let everything dry a little, and apply a top coat (we like Seche Vite because it dries super fast).

Spring summer nail art scotch tape design pastel and jewel colours

All done!

Don’t the colours look super happy?  And the design is quick and easy too.

Although I must admit, the more I look at the nails, the more I’m reminded of:


Yeah…I guess the good thing about the design is that you can always switch up the colours to get a different look haha.

Anyway, that’s it!

Until next time,


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