Nail Diaries: Captain America 2 is coming!

(Because I’m seriously excited to see this movie next week)
(Okay, my friend just told me my nails look like a Pepsi can.  Not cool.)

Captain America inspired nail art by megryann

Polishes:  Nicole OPI’s Listen to Your Momager!, China Glaze’s Cranberry Splash, Sally Hansen’s silver nail art pen.


1) Paint 2-3 coats of OPI’s Listen to Your Momager! and let it dry.


2) Apply your pieces of scotch tape, going from the top corner of one nail to about one third of the way down on the opposite side.  As usual, get rid of some of the stickiness by sticking it to the back of your hand first.  Apply firmly to your nail.


3) Paint a layer of China Glaze’s Cranberry Splash above the tape, and remove the tape immediately.


4) Using the silver nail art pen, draw a line between the blue and the red.  The tape usually leaves a bit of a ledge between the two colours, and if you trace it, the line turns out pretty straight.  Let it dry, and then go over the line a second time so that it shows up more clearly.



5) Apply top coat, and clean up the edges.  All done!


Until next time,



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