Nail Diaries: UWO Purple Pride

(Because Western’s Founder’s Day is this week, and Mustang pride is a thing)


Coco + lulu’s Bordeaux (894) and Avon’s Luxe Lavender (N238).


1. Start with 2 coats of Avon’s Luxe Lavendar, and let it dry.


2. Carefully apply your striping tape.  For the grid, start with 3 evenly-spaced diagonal strips going one way, and then add 3 more going the other way.  For the cross-embellished tip, make an ‘X’ with two strips, each going from one top corner of your nail to about 1/3 of the way down on the opposite side.    (*Note:  make sure the tape is firmly stuck to your nail, or the polish will get under the tape and you won’t get clean lines.)  (I’m sorry for the blurry pictures.  My photography skills are non-existent.)

IMG_20140302_012132 IMG_20140302_012616 IMG_20140302_014024

3. Paint over the striping tape with coco + lulu’s Bordeaux.  Bordeaux is one of my favourite nail polishes right now, partly because it’s a gorgeous colour, partly because it gives amazing coverage with a super thin coat.

IMG_20140302_012815 IMG_20140302_014219

4. Immediately remove the striping tape (tweezers usually make things easier).  Work quickly, since if you wait too long, the polish will start to dry and you won’t get clean lines.  You’re also going to want to remember the order in which you put on the pieces of tape so that you can take them off in order, starting with the last one you added.


5. Let everything dry, and apply your top coat.  Voila!



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