Nail Diaries: Pre-MegRyann

Color Club’s #13 layered over two coats of Revlon’s #909 Sheer Petal


Autumn-inspired nails!  OPI’s # NLB80 Bronzed to Perfection and China Glaze’s #1110 Cranberry Splash sponged over Revlon Top Speed’s #340 Ocean.  Trees drawn with a black striper.


Sally Hansen Insta-Dri #430 Brisk Blue dotted onto one coat of #460 Snappy Sorbet.


China Glaze’s #625 For Audrey over one coat of  #691 Awaken.  Lines formed by scotch tape.


China Glaze’s #1031 Electric Beat.  Stars in China Glaze’s #691 Awaken formed by scotch tape triangles.


Two coats of China Glaze’s #932 Goin’ My Way?, and #1031 Electric Beat.


China Glaze’s #871 Lemon Fizz and Essie’s #740 French Affair under scotch tape triangles and one coat of China Glaze’s #1126 Smoke and Ashes (one of my favourite polishes!)


China Glaze’s #1023 Icicle sponged over one coat of China Glaze’s #1110 Cranberry Splash.


China Glaze’s #1167 Want My Bawdy, then a sponged layer of Essence’s Gleam in Blue, and China Glaze’s #1023 Icicle.


Base layer of China Glaze’s #625 For Audrey, with China Glaze’s #691 Awaken taped off on the bottom of each nail, and China Glaze’s #1167 Want My Bawdy taped off tips.


Chinese New Year nails!  China Glaze’s #1020 Poinsettia and #871 Lemon Fizz.  Flowers formed with a dotting tool.  Line patterns formed with tape.


China Glaze’s #1167 Want My Bawdy spaced with strips of tape, over China Glaze’s #625 For Audrey.


Dots formed by 3 sizes of dotting tools.  Essence’s Gleam in Blue, China Glaze’s #691 Awaken, and #1023 Icicle.


Essie’s #740 French Affair.  Taped-off diagonal and dots in China Glaze’s #691 Awaken.


Spring-themed nails!  China Glaze #871 Lemon Fizz, #625 For Audrey, and Essie’s #740 French Affair.  Flowers formed with a dotting tool.  Stems with a black striper.


Base layer is three coats of Essie’s #794 She’s Picture Perfect.  Tips formed with tape, and acrylic black paint.


Halloween nails!  Orange: OPI’s #B80 Bronzed to Perfection.  Nude:  Butter London’s #2256 Shandy.  Black acrylic paint.


Butter London’s #3046 British Racing Green, and taped-off China Glaze’s #1023 Icicle.

IMG00269-20131112-0423 IMG00270-20131112-0423

Winter nails!  China Glaze’s #1031 Electric Beat, and white acrylic paint.


Essie’s Peak of Chic layered over Avon’s N801 Classic Fit




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